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A collection of my illustrations, alterations, designs, and South African inspiration.
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Maybe I’ll wear lipstick everyday this #happyhappylucyweek #getdressed #lucygorettiootd

Oh yes I got my website up, not much on it for now but getting there #launchingsoon #lucygorettidesigns #whoopwhoop

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
-Dale Carnegie
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Bunny punching time!! Lol …this industrial punch makes my pattern making somewhat easier and exciting having this Pedro look-a-like around ;) #noanimalswereharmedinthisshot #designer #patternmaking #lucygorettidesigns

It’s funny how different a look can be when changing the length or little details of a skirt.
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I hadn’t realized my outfit was so #horrorfilmworthy until I picked up Pedro #lastnight #ootn #eerie

In the cool cool cool of the evening 🎶 (at High Cape)

This little label holds so much information. It can help you decide if you want to buy a garment or not.
That is if you are the type who believes in natural products or easy washcare or if it’s locally produced, just become aware of what you prefer and… maybe you will always find something to wear and not have garments just waiting to be worn…

Sometimes life gives you a break and says “I think you should sleep now”

…And this why I cannot have expensive manicures #yoh#ialmostdied #workhazzards #lucygorettidesigns

Tsotetsi KL | MBFWJ 2014

Tsotetsi KL is a designer who just knows what a woman wants, or more importantly what they should want to look and feel like… a woman.


Firstly the colours were beautiful, those shades of powder pink and 1950’s Barbie pink with the pops of chartreuse, lime and white were just wonderful. The sweet palette was complimented with layers of messy ribbons and furry jackets. I’m not a fan of fur but the…

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Ayanda Mthembu’s collection was so clever, chic and demure. The pattern making is what really sets designers apart and he just knows what he is doing with that brown paper. How he brought the fabric to flow from the sleeves to the cape to the high neckline, aaah, pure genius. There is no basic block for that, so it just shows that from his beginning point of creation, he really had to think…

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Derry street #iheartmyhood #lovecapetown

Deconstructing a tie and it resembles a shark… Coincidence lawyers wear them, I think not. #funnyinmymind

Thanks again to @ggdcpt for a great evening of food, talks and lovely ladies to chat to… One thing I took away from it was perspective, I’m not in the IT world but it’s silly to think I don’t live in a world surrounding it, we never live in isolation. By keeping open to different industries, ideas and people it can make you appreciate things and open up more possibilities… So to any geek girl (or guy) you should definitely attend the next dinner, if not for the food or talks then for the fantastic goodie bag #justsaying ;) #ggdcpt #latergram