Lucy Goretti Da Costa

A collection of my illustrations, alterations, designs, and South African inspiration.

Finalising the price tags with them special names #lucygorettidesigns

Hey ladybirds 🐞🌷 please visit my stall at the Stellenbosch @slowmarket this Saturday.
***so grab some friends, enjoy brunch and browse the rails*

First #CapeTownstreetfoodfestival… from the amazing variety I ended up having a west African version of a paella with a surprising chicken foot in it from #gusto… 😋👍
*(I even ate the peas!!) #sustainablefood #nowaste #tryitonce (at Side Street Studios)

The warped mirrors added another dimension to the silk garments gliding along the catwalk #mbfwct

For fashion sake #mbfwct

All Covered #tbt 😙

Ask yourself “Wouldn’t it be great if…?” and then work on it

Please enjoy, like and share the joy of dance…. and the borders music and dance crosses

Okay this is a little different but I have been obsessing over this video the last few days. Maybe it’s because I’m super entertained by this little girl’s skills or it’s the catchy rhythms of the song…

Either way all I have come to realise is that whenever there is a video posted on African Muzik Magazine facebook page I am smiling afterwards seeing people enjoying themselves in music and dance.

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***Original artwork for charity donation*
Go to @unsung_art and help make my 67minutes count please🌷

Sooo I received a pretty potted flower.. Unfortunately I don’t know what flower it is and how to water it #twoogle… please help?!

So I know I’ve been very quiet…
but I’ve been photographing and photoshopping garments for product shots for the online store…learning about lighting and shopping in the back where the red mannequin covers the label…
😞👓👍*if you understand what I mean lol*😋

The type of post one looks forward to… Thanks @lookatme_im_sandrad #sisterlylove#postcard

Thinking of summer…

I’ve had the cheesiest grin on my face since I received this mug today. Thanks for the gift mister :)

There is a certain joy when I buy fabric in bulk…
I feel like what I’m making is serious and not just a hobby where I buy a few meters at a time.

***It’s a mundane task but it’s a ritual I have to go through and it helps me process that the design is about to come to life…

So here’s a clip of this huge machine that measures the fabric while it rolls it onto a new tube for me :)

Happy Monday, hope you have a productive week 🌼🐞😄