Chanel stages Feminist Protest at Paris Fashion Week

Feminism has been on a rise the last few years and this year it seems to be at it’s peak.

Today at Paris Fashion Week Karl Lagerfeld hosted a fashional protest for women’s rights. With all the big names in fashion and feminism like Cara and Gisele this is bound to create an uprising.




The latest feminist talk was by Emma Watson at the UN which you have to watch.


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Heya, I’m featured on @unsung_art TODAY! 💃

***Please go check it out right now!

Monday morning and I’m feeling inspired!
***Get up and get dressed my ladybirds, and make this week wonderful!
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Shooting… Exciting… #lucygorettidesigns
I made a dress for my sister for a traditional wedding she attended today in KZN.
Hope you and Martin are having a wonderful time there 💞 #friends sign #lucygorettidesigns
Sunny days like today makes it really hard to sit at the machine…
 Almost done sewing for tomorrow’s photoshoot #excited

On Sunday @the_lolrun will be shooting my latest collection…I’m running out of pins with all the hand stitching I’m doing for Summer. 
Today I introduce a special dress. Her name is Sandra as she’s a modern Portuguese working woman. 
Her design is a simple working dress that every lady needs but I wanted to add a touch of my heritage. 

The embroidery on this dress is inspired by a handkerchief my Avó (Grandmother) made and gave to my mother who then gave to me. 

My family comes from small villages in Madeira where their heirlooms lie in kist’s filled with crotched doileys, cross-stitched tableclothes and hand embroidered Baptism dresses. Functional everyday pieces made with love💞👐

**May you always walk forward knowing where you come from***

Happy Heritage Day!

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I was raised on a farm and it definitely had a huge impact on me and my #heritage. 
When I was young it deprived my social life but it cultivated my creativity.

Recently I’ve seen the connection between my Dad’s work and mine.
Fashion and farming are 2 of the oldest trades. Fashion and farming are both affected my seasons. Fashion and farming need both hands and machine. 

While my family may be Portuguese in culture, my Dad ingrained in my sisters and I to work hard… to “reap what you sow”

I’m happy to say I’m mos a farmer’s daughter 🐄🌽⛅🌍
With Heritage day this week I want to share the deeper reasons for what I do. 
The name Lucy embodies a modern everyday lady while Goretti expresses the uniqueness each one of us carries. 
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Another windy and wet day in Cape Town yet this lady is still all smiles. @Bohemian_Travel 🌷🌷🌷
 Thanks for sharing the happiness, that’s one of the reason I started my own brand. #feelhappy #behappy #lucygorettidesigns
Be the type of lady who tells another her label is peaking out
Thanks for the love and support my ladybirds. Love this photo of my ‘Audrey army’ haha strutting around in a uniform😊👠💄🐞

So news is my online store is OFFICIALLY OPEN!
Have a look👉👈

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Miriam Shirt | The Bow Button Down

Miriam Shirt | The Bow Button Down

Polyester is like botox for clothing. So, if you like to keep it natural, things are bound to get wrinkly. Luckily, with clothing, smoothing out lines isn’t a huge task… you can even get someone else to do it for you.

Don't buy this shirt if you're not going to iron it

Don’t buy this shirt if you’re not going to iron it

Yes, being green-conscious takes a little more work; like separating paper for recycling, you should also have your cotton shirts…

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Take Monday on like a boss… a super lovely lady boss 👍💼👠  #lucygorettidesigns